The Student Aid Alliance and “Save Student Aid: Statement of Support"

In the aftermath of the passage of legislation raising the federal debt ceiling in August, the so-called “Super Committee” has been meeting to shape a package of deficit reduction measures aimed to reduce the federal debt. That Committee faces a deadline of November 23 to report its recommendations for an up or down vote in the House and Senate, with those votes occurring no later than December 23. At the same time, the Congressional appropriations process is underway for Fiscal Year 2013.

In both of those processes, there is talk about changes being made in and funding cuts to various federal student aid programs, such as Pell Grants, Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants, Federal Work Study, and Stafford Loans. All of those programs are very important to many Georgetown students. The University is a member of the Student Aid Alliance, and the Alliance has created an on-line “Save Student Aid: Statement of Support.” Thousands of individuals from across the country have already signed the on-line petition. Add your signature.

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